Are you looking to connect with your community? If yes, the Bimah is for YOU!

The Bimah is a social media platform with a difference.

It was conceptualized as a platform to add value to synagogue membership and support the reach of a synagogue to its community. Hence the name Bimah, which aside for its synagogue connotation, means platform.  

In addition to an interactive community feed, the Bimah offers unique features such as advising members of significant Jewish milestones like yahrzeits and Jewish birthdays; allows members to designate not only Bimah buddies but also Bimah Mishpacha; provides a free space for members to list their business and keeps members up to date with all the happenings of the community in real time.

From the spiritual to the social, everything that happens in a synagogue takes place on the Bimah – with the potential for a much greater, even global reach! However, the intention is not to replace the bricks and mortar synagogue but rather to support it. The hope is that involvement in the Bimah will encourage further participation in the synagogue - the heartbeat of the community. Ultimately, a virtual space can never replace face to face interaction.

Finally, the Bimah is a social media platform where identities are known and vetted, thereby enhancing accountability and security, making it a safe, reliable, positive online experience for all who participate.

Thank you for being part of the Bimah community.

Happy Connecting!

The Bimah Team