Ya’amod! BIMAH community meet the ever friendly and affable Rob Gottlieb of A-Media – Digital Technology & Security Solutions.


You may recognize Rob from his CSO shifts outside a Shul or communal event (he has been active in CSO for the past 24 years!), or alternatively, as a back row choir singer at the Gardens Shul!

Rob’s life is dedicated to protecting life and property, both as a volunteer at CSO and as a professional in the security industry.

Rob is a seasoned expert in the field, and has built a reliable and innovative security company, founded in 2009, that offers a range of solutions for residential
and commercial properties.

A-Media does everything from CCTV’s, digital intercoms and access control, to the more complex bio metrics and alarms systems, as well as all internal networking such as WIFI and DSTV.


Covid has seen A-Media expand into the managed services space. To protect clients from receiving large bills when something needs upgrading or repair, Rob developed manageable maintenance contracts with body corporates and owners.

In this way, the financial strain of Covid would not compromise the security of homes and businesses, who could purchase affordable maintenance plans that would help avoid large unexpected costs.


Five years ago, Rob realized that security could go even a step further to ensure safety and peace of mind.

Together with two partners Rob formed the WatchTower Group – an offsite CCTV monitoring company that uses cutting edge Artificial Intelligence to alert the control room before any breach of security has happened.

The results speak for themselves, as any number of body corporates in the Sea Point Shtetl can attest to.


We believe in the protection of Hashem. We also believe we need to do our part to receive the blessing of Hashem.

For those looking to do their part in a responsible and reliable way, A-Media would be glad to assist.

As a bonus, Rob could tell you all about his time with the CSO and maybe even sing a Yom Tov rendition from his days in the Pretoria shul choir!

Here are the contact details:
rob@a-media.co.za or rob@wtgroup.co.za or 082 563 4282